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Mark Naiver

Mark Naivar

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Mark worked for the NFCR since the late 1980 until 2008. He was responsible for designing, building, testing and maintaining a variety of instrumentation in support of NFCR projects. This includes the Open Reconfigurable Cytometric Acquisition system (ORCA).


Mark is now working at Darkling Instruments developing hardware for cytometry data collection.


Recent Publications

Jenkins PL, Freyer JP, Naivar MA, Houston JP (2011). Flow Cytometric Separation of Spectrally Overlapping
Fluorophores Using Multifrequency Fluorescence Lifetime Applications Proc. SPIE (in press).


Houston JP, Naivar MA, Freyer JP (2010) Capture of Fluorescence Decay Times by Flow Cytometry. Current
Protocols in Flow Cytometry, Submitted.


Houston JP, Naivar MA, Freyer JP, (2010) Digital Analysis and Sorting of Fluorescence Lifetime by Flow
Cytometry. Cytometry Part A, 77: 861-872.


Naivar MA, Wilder ME, Habbersett RC, Woods TA, Sebba DS, Nolan JP, Graves SW
(2009) Development of small and inexpensive digital data acquisition systems using a microcontroller-based approach, Cytometry 75A:979-989.


Houston JP, Naivar M, Martin JC, Goddard G, Carpenter S, Mourant JR, Fryer JP (2008) Endogenous Fluorescence Lifetime of Viable Cells by Flow Cytometry. Proc. SPIE, 6859: 68590T.


Watson DA, Brown LO, Gaskill DF, Naivar M, Graves SW, Doorn SK, Nolan JP (2008) A flow Cytometer for the Measurement of Raman Spectra. Cytometry Part A, 73A:119-128.


Naivar MA, Parson JD, Wilder ME, Habbersett RC, Edwards BS, Sklar L, Nolan JP, Graves SW, Martin JC, Jett JH, Freyer JP (2007) Open, reconfigurable cytometric acquisition system: ORCAS. Cytometry, 71A (11): 915-924.


Habbersett RC, Naivar MA, Woods TA, Goddard GR, Graves SW (2007) Evaluation of a green laser pointer for flow cytometry. Cytometry, 71A (10): 809-917.


Goddard G, Martin JC, Naivar M, Goodwin PM, Graves SW, Habbersett RC, Nolan JP, Jett JH (2006) Single particle high resolution spectral analysis flow cytometry. Cytometry A 69: 842-851.



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