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Recent Publications

Fair, J. M., K. J. Taylor-McCabe, Y. Shou, B. L. Marrone.  Immunophenotyping of avian lymphocytes: Implications and future for understanding West Nile Virus in birds.  Studies in Avian Biology. In press.


Marrone, B. L.  Flow Cytometry: A multipurpose technology for a wide spectrum of biosecurity applications.  Invited review, J. Assoc. Laboratory Automation 14: 147-155, 2009.

Fair JM, Taylor-McCabe KJ, Shou Y, Marrone BL. Immunophenotyping of chicken peripheral blood lymphocyte subpopulations: individual variability and repeatability, Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 125(3-4): 268-73, Oct 2008.



Ferris MM, Yoshida TM, Marrone BL, Keller RA (2005) Fingerprinting of single viral genomes. Analytical Biochemistry 337: 278-288.


Yan X, Habbersett RC, Yoshida TM, Nolan JP, Jett JH, Marrone BL (2005) Probing the kinetics of SYTOX Orange stain binding to double-stranded DNA with implications for DNA analysis. Anal. Chem. 77: 3554-3562.


Marrone BL, Habbersett RC, Jett JH, Keller RA, Yan X, Yoshida TM (2005) DNA fragment sizing by high-sensitivity flow cytometry: applications in bacterial identification. In: Flow Cytometry in Biotechnology, Sklar LA, ed. (Oxford University Press, London) Chapter 7: 123-138.


Ferris, M..M., X.M. Yan, R.C. Habbersett, Y.L. Shou, C.L. Lemanski, J.H. Jett, T.M. Yoshida, and B.L. Marrone. Performance assessment of DNA fragment sizing by high sensitivity flow cytometry and pulsed field gel electrophoresis, J. Clin. Microbiol. 42, 1965-1976, 2004.


Yan, X.M., E.G. Schielke, K.M. Grace, C. Hassell, B.L. Marrone, J.P. Nolan, Microsphere-based duplexed immunoassay for influenza virus typing by flow cytometry. J. Immunol. Methods, 284, 27-38, 2004.


Lehnert, N.M., R.K. Gary, B.L. Marrone, and B.E. Lehnert. Inhibition of Normal Human Lung Fibroblast Growth by Beryllium. Toxicology 160:119-127 (2001)


Wang, Z., G. M. Farris, L. S. Newman, Y. Shou, L. A. Maier, H. N. Smith, and B.L. Marrone.  Beryllium sensitivity is linked to HLA-DP genotype.  Toxicology, 165: 27-38, 2001.


Cai, H., P.S. White, D.C. Torney, A. Deshpande, Z. Wang, R.A. Keller, B. Marrone, and J.P. Nolan. Flow Cytometry Based Minisequencing: A New Platform for High Throughput Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Analysis. Genomics 66:135-143 (2000).


Yan, X, R.C. Habbersett, J.M. Cordek, J.P. Nolan, T.M. Yoshida, J.H. Jett, and B.L. Marrone. Development of a Mechanism-Based, DNA Staining Protocol Using SYTOX Orange Nucleic Acid Stain and DNA Fragment Sizing Flow Cytometry. Analytical Biochemistry 286:138 ù148 (2000).


Larson, E.J., J.R. Penttila, H. Cai. J.H. Jett, S. Burde, R.A. Keller, and B.L. Marrone. Rapid DNA Fingerprinting of Pathogens by Flow Cytometry. Cytometry 41:302-308 (2000).


Farris, G.M., Y. Shou, R.C. Habbersett, N. Lehnert, B. Lehnert, L.S. Newman, and B.L. Marrone. Hypersensitivity to Beryllium Detected by Lymphosyte Subset Proliferation Testing: The Immuno-LPT. Toxicology 143:125-140 (2000).



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