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Jim Jett

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Jim has been involved in the development of flow cytometry since 1973 when he joined the predecessor to the Bioscience Division. Over the years he has worked on the development of data analysis methods and new flow cytometric instrumental capabilities such as DNA fragment size analysis and spectral analysis. Although retired, he continues to be involved in NFCR activities part time.

Recent Publications

Jett JH, Martin JC, Habbersett RC (2009) Techniques for flow cytometer alignment, Curr Protoc Cytom. Oct;Chapter 1:Unit 1.10.


Jett JH (2008) Raman Spectroscopy Comes to Flow Cytometry. Cytometry Part A, 73A:109-110.


Naivar MA, Parson JD, Wilder ME, Habbersett RC, Edwards BS, Sklar L, Nolan JP, Graves SW, Martin JC, Jett JH, Freyer JP (2007) Open, reconfigurable cytometric acquisition system: ORCAS. Cytometry, 71A (11): 915-924.

Goddard G, Martin JC, Naivar M, Goodwin PM, Graves SW, Habbersett RC, Nolan JP, Jett JH (2006) Single particle high resolution spectral analysis flow cytometry. Cytometry A 69: 842-851.


Marrone BL, Habbersett RC, Jett JH, Keller RA, Yan X, Yoshida TM (2005) DNA fragment sizing by high-sensitivity flow cytometry: applications in bacterial identification. In: Flow Cytometry in Biotechnology, Sklar LA, ed. (Oxford University Press, London) Chapter 7: 123-138.


Yan X, Habbersett RC, Yoshida TM, Nolan JP, Jett JH, Marrone BL (2005) Probing the kinetics of SYTOX Orange stain binding to double-stranded DNA with implications for DNA analysis. Anal. Chem. 77: 3554-3562.



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