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Greg Goddard

Greg Goddard

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Greg received his PhD in Applied Physics from Portland State University in 2004, while working in the Electronic and Electrochemical Materials and Devices Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His research focused on nondestructive characterization using optical, electrical, and ultrasonic techniques and acoustic particle manipulation. He joined the NFCR in January of 2005 and began working on instrumentation development efforts including full spectral analysis flow cytometry.


In 2010 Greg accepted a job at Invitrogen working with their instrument development group, including the Attune flow cytometer.

Recent Publications

Goddard GR, Houston JP, Martin JC, Graves SW, Freyer JP (2008) Cellular Discrimination Based on Spectral Analysis of Instrinic Flourescence. Proc. SPIE, 6859:685908.


Houston JP, Naivar M, Martin JC, Goddard G, Carpenter S, Mourant JR, Freyer JP (2008) Endogenous Fluorescence Lifetime of Viable Cells by Flow Cytometry. Proc. SPIE, 6859: 68590T.


Goddard GR, Sanders CK, Martin JC, Kaduchak G, Graves SW (2007) Analytical performance of an ultrasonic particle focusing flow cytometer. Anal. Chem., 79: 8740-8746.


Habbersett RC, Naivar MA, Woods TA, Goddard GR, Graves SW (2007) Evaluation of a green laser pointer for flow cytometry. Cytometry, 71A: 809-917.


Goddard G, Martin JC, Graves SW, Kaduchak G (2006) Ultrasonic particle-concentration for sheathless focusing of particles for analysis in a flow cytometer. Cytometry 69A: 66-74.

Goddard G, Martin JC, Naivar M, Goodwin PM, Graves SW, Habbersett RC, Nolan JP, Jett JH (2006) Single particle high resolution spectral analysis flow cytometry. Cytometry A 69: 842-851.


Goddard G, Kaduchak G (2005) Ultrasonic particle concentration in a line-driven cylindrical tube. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 117: 3440-3447.



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