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Alina Deshpande

Contact Info

505 665 9143 or 505 667 2751


Alina received her MS (1995) and PhD in Biomedical Sciences (2003) from the University of New Mexico, while working in the Bioscience Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Her doctoral research focused on genetic susceptibility of women in New Mexico to cervical cancer. As part of the project she helped develop a high throughput, multiplexed flow cytometry-based assay for identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms, genetic variations that contribute to disease susceptibility. She received a director's funded post-doctoral fellowship in 2004 to pursue research on host-pathogen interactions of intracellular pathogens within the NFCR. Specifically she used flow cytometry to characterize cholera toxin binding and internalization in human premonocytes, and performed quantitative characterization of protective antigen (component of anthrax lethal toxin) binding to receptors of various target human cells. Alina is currently a staff member in D division and is involved in DHS funded projects on risk analysis for natural or intentional outbreaks of agricultural diseases, evaluation of mixed architecture systems for foreign animal disease surveillance and evaluation of technologies for non-destructive evaluation of  chem, bio, and radioactive threat agents. She is also collaborating with Dr. Steve Graves of the NFCR in the development of high throughput, multiplexed assays for syndromic surveillance of human pathogens.

Recent Publications

Despande A, Hammon RJ, Sanders CK, Graves SW (2006) Quantitative analysis of the effect of cell type and cellular differentiation on protective antigen binding to human target cells. FEBS Lett. 580: 4172-4175.


Deshpande A, Nolan JP, White PS, Valdez YE, Hunt WC, Peyton CL, Wheeler CM (2005) TNF Alpha-Promoter Polymorphisms and Susceptibility to HPV16-Associated Cervical Cancer. Journal of Infectious Diseases 191: 969-976.

Deshpande A, Valdez YE, Nolan JP (2005) Multiplexed SNP genotyping using single base primer extension (SBE) and microsphere arrays. In: Current Protocols in Cytometry, Robinson JP, Darzynkiewicz Z, Dobrucki J, Hyun WC, Nolan JP, Orfao A, Rabinovitch PS, ed. (Wiley Interscience, New York) Chapter 13.4: 13.4.1-13.4.11.


Cleland C, White PS, Deshpande A, Wolinsky M, Song J, Nolan JP (2004)  Development of Rationally Designed Nucleic Acid Signatures for Microbial Pathogens. Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics 4(3):89-101.
Kaderali L, Deshpande A, Nolan JP, White PS (2003) SBE primer: Primer Design for Multiplexed Genotyping. Nucleic Acids Research 31:1796-1802.



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